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Oct 5 '18 at 1:35

Picked this hotel while driving cross country as it was the pet friendly sister location to a place we were originally interested in N. Vegas. We got here and the smell of cigarette smoke is very strong. Then we checked in and got to our floor and it was like we got hit a super powerful stench of animal pee and scented carpet deodorizer. We made it to our room and it was even worse. The smell of piss was hitting the back of my throat and giving me a headache and making me gag. I called the front desk and they said they could offer the room next door. How would that smell any different. They gave us a different room 7 doors down which did smell markedly better, however, it’s musty, dirty, and still smells like piss and fragrance coverup. Our dog found stuffing like from the inside of a stuffed animal or chew toy. This place is not well maintained and for as much as they charge for a pet fee ($80) you’d think they’d be able to keep their rooms clean. Do not stay here! Avoid if you can, especially if you have a pet! We stayed at multiple pet friendly hotels around the country and not a single one was even remotely like this.