Lynn Medina
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"Lynn Medina"
Once again the Oasis DID NOT DISSAPPOINT💛💛💛We enjoyed our stay so much my children didn’t want to leave.😀It’s so incredibly relaxing here.Very clean and truly enjoyable from our busy lives.The staff is always so friendly and kind.We were able to enjoy Wet and Wild this year and what a amazing day it was there.We all all enjoyed the day.And staff was very kind here as well....I thought for sure we would incure problems with my special needs son instead we were welcomed😀😀😀😀A complete surprise. Thank you Oasis Resort for such a beautiful retreat for my family. I highly recommend coming here as a means of RR!!!!Or just to get away from everyday chaos!!!!Thank you staff so much for always being so sweet and friendly!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀