Daniel Swift
Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino
Santo Domingo
"Daniel Swift"
This hotel is Beautiful i have stayed at several Marriott Hotels around the world and this is one of the nicest so far. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. As far as the Casino i would not recommend my worst enemy to go to the casino. If you do not speak spanish you will be treating like garbage i was playing blackjack for over an hour and had 3 mistakes by the dealers which they took my money after the manager admitted they were at fault. After the third mistake i asked to speak with the manager again about having a private table to myself that was supervised i was playing between 100 us and 200 us dollars per hand. The manager told me no and i asked his explanation because i seen another person playing alone with a sign on the table which meant nobody else can sit at that table. The manager told me he does not have to give me a explanation that i can leave and got extremely aggressive with me calling security to have me escorted out of the casino. I highly recommended never going to this casino. Above is a photo of the casino manager.