Guy Fieri's Chophouse Guy Fieri's Chophouse
Restaurant @ Bally's Atlantic City
"Jeanie Canfield"
Four of us decided to eat at Guy's Chophouse on Saturday, October 27th. We made reservations and were seated. We ordered our meals (my husband and I ordered the $39 meal) and we were told that the portions were the same as the regular menu item which I found hard to believe. I ordered the Filet ($39 plus $16 which cost $55) and I asked for it well done and the waiter asked if I would like it butterflied and I said sure. The steak came out and it was 1/2 inch thick and fit in the palm of my hand and it was on top of 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes. My husband got the salmon which wasn't much better size wise except he got 2 pieces of squash. The other 2 got the mac and cheese burgers and I had onion soup and the bill came to $180 (no drinks just 2 sodas and 2 waters). The waiter was excellent but the food had a lot to be desired.