Stanley Mui
Four Queens Hotel and Casino Four Queens Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Stanley Mui"
I booked Hugo's Cellar on open today for my one year anniversary. The place had a nice dim and romantic setting; located in the basement of the Four Queens Hotel&Casino. We started with the Kona Coffee which was an interesting experience. The coffee was strong. I ordered the beef Wellington and my wife ordered the Bombay duck. They brought out the duck and Bombay the duck in front of us which was nice to see. It was a whole duck and very flavorful and tender. The beef Wellington was however a disappointment. The pastry around the beef was nice and sweet but the meat itself was very bland. If you eat the pastry and meat together the meat tasted a little more flavorful. We also enjoyed the table side salad which the sever brought a cart out and made the salad in front of us. We also get to choose our ingredients. It was wonderful and make sure not to fill yourself up with the salad or there won't be any room for the main course. Overall the meal and experience was good but I regretted ordering the Wellington. I probably come again to try the other dishes.