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Oct 18 '18 at 9:08

Vance Vagay

Fremont Hotel & Casino

Vance Vagay
Some friends and I met up with some other friends that was staying downtown. We jumped from casino to casino. One if the places we stopped at was the Fremont. It was a little after midnight, so majority of the crowd on Fremont Street was gone. I've been for the Fremont experience and it can get crowded. Fremont has a bunch of new machines, but still has a lot of older ones. Which isn't a bad thing because I I talked to a few people and they prefer the older ones because they feel lucky playing them. While the hotels and casinos in downtown aren't as big as the ones on the strip, it's definitely more easier to check out multiple places on Fremont Street. I visited an someone who was staying there and the room that they were in was pretty standard. If you're the kind of person to sleep early and are a fairly light sleep, I'd suggest trying to get a room on the opposite side of the hotel from Fremont Street. The times I was there, a couple if bands were playing on multiple stages and it got kind of loud, even in the hotel room. Overall, I'd say it's not a bad place to stay or visit if you don't mind the big party that happens every night on Fremont Street.