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Oct 14 '18 at 4:05

Players Casino

If you've ever had the pleasure of playing proper poker at a decent establish, be prepared to be disappointed by this dump run by amateurs. Made-up rules, untrained dealers, rude managers, a rake system that screws up the game, and dirty, old tables. This happened 9:30pm tonight. UTG straddles with 2BB behind, Villain in the HJ calls, and I raise the button 12BB. UTG calls and Villain calls. By the river, there's about 150BB in the side-pot. I bluff-shove the river and Villain folds. I muck my cards because 8 high isn't winning the main pot. Without anyone saying anything, the dealer immediately takes my cards out of the muck, and turns over my hand. I object and say the dealer shouldn't have turned over my cards, and stand up to leave. I had spent hours developing a tight image. The same Villain had already called me all-in light when I bluffed another bricked draw. By showing my cards, the dealer destroyed my hard-earned image, and showed the other players what level I was playing at, that I could bluff the calling-station back-to-back with air. The dealer argues with me for no reason and calls the floor. The floor says it is a rule that because UTG called all-in, anyone at the table can ask to see my hand. Under this rule, someone could call all-in pre-flop with 1 BB + $1, and no matter how large the side pot becomes, whether it is 100 BB or 1,000 BB, anyone at the table can request to see mucked hole cards at showdown, even if they aren't in the pot. Let me emphasise that no one asked to see my cards. The dealer took it upon himself to turn my cards over. Add to this that the floor (50+ years old, 5' 9", moustached wanna-be cowboy) then tells me to go learn the rules. Pardon? This rule does not exist in any other casino anywhere in the world. He then tells me if I don't like it, I can go play at another casino. Don't worry bud, I won't be back. Next let's talk about their stupid rake system. Say you're playing $2/3. They have a $5 flat rake on every pot that goes post flop. This directly affects game dynamics. Today I wanted to balance my limping range, so called AKs in late position. It folds around to the BB, who checks. I bet 2BB into the 5BB pot on a AKQr flop, BB folds, and I win...nothing. From the $6 in the pot, $5 gets raked, and I lose $1 despite winning the hand. This makes it unprofitable to limp big hands, meaning that it is impossible to fully balance your pre-flop limping range. I'm not done. They give their dealers discounts to play at the casino. Sometimes you're sitting at a table with 3 players/dealers who have dealt you thousands of hands, and who have watched your play for hours. Name one other casino in which half the table you're playing against works for the casino. Lastly, the place is a total dive. 0/10, will not return.