Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
"Freeform Thoughts"
Okay, I usually enjoy Ruth Chris here on the east coast, but this experience was totally something different. Not to take anything away from the food, but the server we had made us feel rushed. For starters she zipped through the menu to where I had to tell her to slow down because none of my party was particularly following everything she was saying because she was talking so fast. Then on to the food, as always, Ruth Chris doesn't disappoint. But to end the night when it was time for us to pay, she totally botched our ticket up. It was a party of 4, where we split the bill 2 and 2 and she had the checks mixed up to where she charged us for the other half of our party's food and vice versa. Instead of informing us that SHE MESSED UP THE TICKETS, she then proceeds to swipe the other half of our party's credit card again, to where they had the wrong ticket and charged them again, trying to fix her mistake, but ending up double charging the same wrong price to the ticket! All in all, we resolved the difference to which we owed the other party basically, since they paid out ticket TWICE, and we paid theirs, but the fact remains that she charged them TWICE. We called the manager over there and he reassured us that it will be resolved by reversing the charges, but it still doesn't make up for her terrible customer service! The 2 star rating is for the food alone which was great but I am a stickler for customer service!