Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
"Jeff Goluszka"
Service was fantastic -- really -- but food quality was stunningly pedestrian. I ordered the Cowboy Ribeye medium rare, and it arrived mostly brown with a slight hint of pink. No problem -- they quickly offered to replace it. I got another just a few minutes later. The problem was the meat seemed to be low quality. It was cooked properly, but very stringy and fatty. I heard from friends that this is intentional "marbling", but I did not enjoy it as much as a typical steak. I had maybe 5 or 6 bites that were pure beef. The rest all had lots of fat. I've made many steaks myself at home that were better than this $67 ribeye. The mashed potatoes were typical and a bit more bland than I expected. I had some nice neighbors who offered their mac & cheese with lobster -- holy cow was that amazing. But it was bittersweet that that exceeded the satisfaction of my entree and side. It's a really high-class establishment, but I expect greatness when the steak is $67. I did not receive greatness, so I give 3 stars.