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Oct 1 '18 at 7:04

Our experience spending the night at prairie knights casino was not very impressive at all. The trouble began when the front desk attendant took over 15 minutes to check me into my suite. The line for the buffet was out the door and over an hour wait to get in to the crowded dining room. We took a quick elevator upstairs and entered our room. Then after hanging out in the spacious and cozy suite; our power went out in our room. It was out for 20min as my SO was forced to put her makeup on in the dark. First call to the front desk: no apologies and no offer of compensation for leaving us in the dark at all. After the 20min elapsed and we were presentable and sick of the dark; I called the front desk again and still no apology and no estimate of when we would have power back. So we went out on the gaming floor. The slot selection was wide but dated. The slot machine areas were claustrophobia inducing and the smoke suffocating. The highlight of the night was a shared bath in a whirlpool tub and eating a Ruben sandwich at 1am. This is also the time they stop serving alcohol with last call at 1240 or earlier. (BYOB fellas). Then in the morning I called to bargain for a lil more time to check out. And they wanted to charge me half the room rate to checkout an hour later. I brought up our power issue from the previous night and got the mediocre offer of 30 more min free of charge to check out. The customer is not always right and good service is optional at Prairie Knights Casino and Lodge.