Cafe Orleans Cafe Orleans
Restaurant @ Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
"SonyaLanee P"
Too many machines to pick from. I like it better when it was the old dog track. The food and drink are expensive on most things but you can get a steak sandwich and fries for around 8.00 I think but like a brownie is 3.00! A drink is 2.00 or 2.50 and you get free refills but I don't know if you can take your cup out of the food area and still get refills. Ice cream is 2.00 for 2 scoops I think. The one food place is open 24 hours that's a plus. At one food place the prime rib is 18.00 is what the sign says. I think some of the things are to costly to try like the roulette, it cost me 5.00 for just 1 try! They do have a variety of things to do like the slot machines, keno, poker tables, dog and horse races and food and alcohol. You can go to the players club and sign up with your ID and a email address and they will give you 20.00 free dollars to play on but you have to be 21 and the players club is not open all night. The players club closed at midnight on Thursday when we went. The place is clean. I don't like way the set up is. I've never figured out why they changed the name to what they did but oh well. I've herd a lot of people say they do better at the smaller game rooms then here and there wasn't very many people there for a Thursday night.