cardel birch
Donaldson Park
Wedderburn, Victoria
"cardel birch"
I love this part is very huge you have different areas where everybody can have their section have their picnic especially in the summer I've been there quite a few times by church have cup a lot of events there I mean if you're into playing softball basketball soccer football that's American football and I mean anything you want to do you want you can bring your jetski your boat and go in the water you can canoe around it's it's a great place I love it definitely is you and your children can go there I go there specially you can ride your bike around the park I mean you can jog you can walk your dog there you can do a lot of stuff down there it's just a great place I went for Fourth of July and the fireworks was exciting I love it I don't know if they have anything for the New Year's Eve but I'm going to see