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Oct 27 '18 at 3:15

The dealers that I've known in the past isn't the same as the ones now. When you're dealt a hand with seven cards, the objective is to make best poker hand. However, with no pair and highest card is Ace and banker has no pair also Ace high the rule is what are the next four biggest card of the last four cards left. The dealers now goes through the motion so quick that a mistake might cost you. Stop them and have them review you hand and if possible call pit manager over, it's your money at play. Although, he or she might side with the house too. Never let someone touch your shoulders, come-come, or dai siu it's bad luck. They loose $20 and you loose $5K, but when they win they call themselves lucky charm to you. Lucky charm my a** when you loose they walk away to look for another table. I bank a minimum of $5K or more on each bank without the help of (prop banker) aka corporation. Thank you very much!