Lindsey Amanda
Chicken Ranch Bingo & Casino Chicken Ranch Bingo & Casino
Jamestown, California
"Lindsey Amanda"
Chicken Ranch is a funny name for a small, out of the way casino. The road leading to the casino is pretty tore up & a bit misleading. Just as you think something is wrong or maybe it's the wrong road, there it is! The casino is under construction as they are building a brand new bingo hall. They have moved the parking lot to across the street which, as of now is gravel. After finding your way in (main entrance is gated off) Chicken Ranch offers a variety of slots but no tables. It is a bit smokey & offers no non-smoking areas, except the bingo hall. There is a restaurant inside that offers very good food. It's a small cafe style, to sit g eat or they have finger foods available as well. They seem to be short staffed on waitresses often so don't count on one coming to offer a drink. Also only one ticket machine in the whole place or you can change a ticket at the cash cage where 2 ladies sit. If the place is packed which it usually is, plan on waiting in a line. Other than not having enough slots to accommodate all the players who visit it's great. Benches are available to those who just like to sit, free wifi, self serve coffee bar & free parking lot shuttle service are a few amenities offered here.