Chezlee Tillman
Gold Creek Casino Gold Creek Casino
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Chezlee Tillman"
I have only been here 2times and although each time I had an amazing time it wasn't cause of the casino.. Allow me to explain yes it's very clean, the employees are wonderful, helpful, just all around a delight, the food is even great i would of picked this place every time over the River wind, Newcastle,or Rimington.... it pains me to say it but your machines don't hit well enough unless you play $1,$5 I would love to be able to take $100 into a casino and blow it, I love going to the casino but as a single mom of 6 boys I have only $20 at a time to gamble.. yes I know it's not much compared to $100 but think about this if you'd have BIGGER and more frequent wins for us smaller broke a** people we will spend more money with y'all... Instead of going to one that's closer to home, bigger, or better machines...