Ken Dodd
Four Winds Dowagiac Four Winds Dowagiac
Dowagiac, Michigan
"Ken Dodd"
The staff is great. This is the best part of this place. I play table games. It is usually very hard to find low-ante table games. The wait for these seats are long even when there are several empty tables with higher antes. My wife prefers the slots and has never come away ahead. With as many pulls as she has had on those slots, you would think she would hit at least one moderate payout. But no, not a single one. The food here is ok. It sure beats having to leave to go somewhere else to eat, but if they had really top-end food, even at a slightly higher price, I would consider it a place to go out to dine. It would be a good way to draw people to the casino more often if they could go out for a nice dinner, a couple drinks, and get entertainment.