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Oct 21 '18 at 0:35

I just had a two night stay at the wind river casino around some work and relaxation. I just had a two night stay with my wife and co-workers at the wind river casino around some work and relaxation. Here are some pros and cons as I experienced them: Cons: Had a difficult check in since they don’t use a chip reader. It’s set up fraud alert on my bank account. It was not fun to deal with at 1 AM after a long drive. Hours later that morning, after getting some late gaming in was unable to get anything breakfast related after 11 AM. The kitchens were inflexible Even at 11:05 to 11:10 AM. I know that I’m not special, but it was not a good experience on an empty stomach. The next day at breakfast we got a wobbly table. Full drinks spilled several times due to the wobble. The server would come clean them up, and with her last wipe as she was turning to walk away would re-spill drinks as she shook the table. We gave up and laughed as we wobbled our way through breakfast with drinks dripping off the table onto my lap. In the room: avoid the oatmeal soap unless you have 30 minutes to rinse. Pros: We had a good time gaming. The casino wasn’t smoky even though people were enjoying tobacco. The casino, restaurant, hotel and museum staff were helpful and friendly. Rooms were quiet, clean and spacious and equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Beds were super comfortable.