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Aug 18 '18 at 18:00
Our son worked at the casino for five years and last night was the first time we went to this steak restaurant the Final Cut I would have to say that the steaks were the best that we have ever had and the waitress Stephanie was the best waitress we’ve ever had I give the dining experience five stars I give the casino zero stars this is because on our way out we were using the valet parking and my wife made a wrong turn It’s a bit confusing the valet pay location in the casino we initially went outside where we met the valets thinking we would have to pay there but we were redirected back inside when my wife accidentally went the wrong way around the red tape with the security lady was standing to prevent minors from entering and she went crazy, yelling at us screaming at us, telling us she’s calling security on us it was just unbelievable So much over the top drama why would The casino even hire an unhinged person like this?. we are well over the age of 21 the gold jacketed security guard told us to ignore her he was not concerned He understood we were going to the valet and just made a wrong turn a very nice man But she just made it a complete disaster after spending well over three Hundred dollars on the restaurant this little security lady made the day a dismal loss