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Dec 11 '18 at 4:03

Drum Bar

Adam Lewis
I’ve only been here for conferences and that has been fine. They have plenty of room upstairs, nice views of Pittsburgh (ok usually a lot of gray and clouds but, the river is right there and in the summer, the view is quite nice). My biggest problem is the cigarette smoke. I understand that allowing smoking is a business decision for the casino and that’s fine. I don’t come here to gamble and I don’t even mind walking through the smoke clouds to get upstairs to the conference area. The problem is that there are no barriers between the conference rooms and the buffet upstairs and the cigarettes downstairs. Due to airflow (or lack thereof), the stink is only really bad by the bathrooms upstairs. If you have a sensitive nose, however, it is discernible all over the upper floor, including the buffet area. I don’t know what you do at this point, the layout doesn’t allow for an easy fix but... damn. The designers should have thought of this. If the casino was 50 years old, I’d get it. But it isn’t.