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Jamie boy

Dec 29 '18 at 23:34

MSC Divina

Ship food and staff were good casino was the worst experience ever!!
First off let me thank Lexi for this 10-day vacation comped The ship is very beautiful the balcony statement a little small but nice Was very worried about the food after reading all about reviewers however some of the best food we've ever had of course you're going to like it all but the majority of it was very good ******Casino****** Where to begin Accumulating points on MSC Cruise lineis like playing a slot machine you never know what you're going to get there is no system they tell you $3point when the reality is some machines are $7.50 some machines are $5 some machines are $3 on point Incredibly tight machine in 10 days saw 5 jackpot on the entire boat I earned 8700 points in 10 days let's just say I spent well above 6 k on slots ****9999 points needed for a free Cruise***** Me personally I will never again sale on MSC