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Dec 27 '18 at 4:43

IRIS IRIS IRIS!!! My daughter loved your " trainer for a day" experience. I've never ever in my life heard her be so open and verbal. You guys made her open up. I don't even think you know the impact you had on her. The whole team was great. Every time I look at the pictures I tear up. Although she's always loved all animals, I don't think any of them ever made her feel the way she felt while interacting with your dolphins. U guys took a kid who always wanted to be a marine biologist, but was afraid of the water- and turned her into someone who wants extra swimming lessons so that she could fulfill her dreams. I know I don't know u guys personally, but....I love you all! Iris is the best guide ever, I don't know how anybody could ever have a bad day being around her. She's so upbeat and positive. The team was so welcoming. You guys are starting off a whole new generation of marine life lovers. Thank you sooooooooo much for the experience!!