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Dec 23 '18 at 21:03
Lisa Candanedo
Harrah's Gulf Coast is a nice hotel with fantastic views. The rooms are on the modern side with very comfortable beds for a well rested evening. The casino itself is on the smaller side but rather enjoyable. Steak and Shake is open 24 hours and the people there are amazingly friendly and helpful. The 1 star removal was for the front desk staff who checked us in. We knew going into the hotel that asking for a water facing room was a long shot but worth asking. We booked our hotel via 3rd party. Once we got there and I began to request the water facing room, I was immediately cut off mid sentence with a "we're completely sold out". Basically her way of getting me to stop talking. My hubby and i have both worked in the hospitality industry and know very well you say this to save the rooms for the high rollers and non-third party booking guests, but the way we were talked too was a little rude. As a matter of fact, just say exactly that instead of the blatant "we're sold out" lie....cause that parking garage was empty and so was the casino. Aside from that,this place is worth the visit and is definitely a nice little quiet home away from home.