Bobby's Burger Palace Bobby's Burger Palace
Restaurant @ Maryland Live! Casino
"Catherine huddler"
The food is good... BUT... do NOT go here if you are even slightly overweight, or in my case, 8 months pregnant... there is NO WHERE to sit. The chairs are screwed into the ground! I can’t push them out to accommodate my extraordinarily large baby bump! I found myself standing to eat my entire meal. Why don’t the chairs push out? How can you put chairs in a restaurant that are screwed into the floor leaving less than a foot of room to accommodate??! I see a few other men here of large stature that look very uncomfortable, luckily for them they are not 8 months pregnant and can actually squeeze into a seat (since there is no other options) what the hell bobby? The food was great, but I’ll have to order to go and eat in my car... since I don’t fit!