A Dam Good Deli A Dam Good Deli
Restaurant @ Tropicana Atlantic City Casino & Resort
"Margaret Reese"
I’ve been visiting the Tropicana for years. First thing in the morning of each day we stay there I always go the Deli for a cup of hot water. I have my own green tea bag. Each time the person behind the counter says it’s no charge. I always have money in hand and am very happy to pay for the cup, hot water and service but they don’t take it which I then leave a tip. Today, a very nasty woman with bleached blonde hair told me that she was going to have to pass me over for paying customers behind me (one guy behind me). I replied that I’m happy to pay. She said some very negative words and begrudgingly got the cup of hot water, put it up on the counter and when I handed her my money, she barked at me that she has no way of ringing it up. How is that the customer’s fault? While I did ask for something a little out of the ordinary, I don’t think it called for the treatment I received. I called the deli later and found out she was the manager in charge. If that’s how she treats people, she has no business being a manager.