William Price
Locomotive Inn Casino Locomotive Inn Casino
Laurel, Montana
"William Price"
If I could give it a 0 I would, when we stayed. The girl at the front desk charged our card twice which I found out that night. We had our pet with us so he stayed in the room while we went to the bar next door to eat. First we were located by the back exit...and ppl were coming in and out the whole time so I had to put a towel under the door to keep him from barking all the time...there is about a 3 inch opening under the door...well we went to eat and was over at the bar...new years eve btw... There was alot of ppl havIng fun etc...and so were we. Until we got back to the room, in about 2 minutes upon entering, a knock came at the door. I answered it and it was the girl up front saying she was gonna charge my card an extra 100 for smoking in the room. What??? We just got back from the bar...had receipt in hand to show her...was time stamped...we weren't even In The room. It don't matter she said, I can tell you were smoking...amd if you dont leave. I'm calling the cops...And I'm charging your card the extra 100 for cleaning...Guess what...I CALLED THEM AND FILED A REPORT AGAINST THEM. She was surprised I called them...We did nothing wrong. I showed him my receipt from the bar...took him to the room and showed him...there was no smoking...and I showed him where she charged me twice. We left that night and i called my bank in the morning and they stopped payment immediately and returned my payment...and yes there is no pool, and the blond girl was so surprised we left...dont accuse when you have no proof of any wrong doing. And if I was going to smoke...I would have stayed in my truck...So, learned a lesson about ppl tonight.