Karen Roig
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida
"Karen Roig"
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT book a cruise on the MSC Seaside. Do yourself a favor and book a cruise with another company or even an all inclusive resort. I can't say we are avid cruisers but I can say we have been on a handful of cruises and this by far has been the WORST CRUISE WE HAVE EVER BEEN ON! I have never been more discouraged by a cruise line than I have after this recent trip. It really is a shame because the MSC Seaside is truly a gorgeous ship but the management is a complete disaster. What we came across while on our New Years Cruise which sailed out of Miami on December 29 is nothing short of a reflection of bad management & lack of training. Not only was the staff rude but clientele, which I would say was about 80-85% European, were extremely unpleasant and rude. An example of this, a member of our party was in a wheelchair and no one would let her off the elevator first before trying to jump on the elevator when we were trying to get off on our respected floor. This was even true when it didn't have to do with getting off the elevator and/or being with our handicap family member. I am not saying rude people aren't in every nation but what we experienced was truly disheartening. The food was mediocre in the specialty dinning room. Our wait staff clearly did not have an understanding of working together, for example something so simple as getting butter for the bread was a task which took multiple people communicating to each other as if they did not work as a team, if it's not their responsibility they would not do it. After that our waitstaff changed a bit, we saw the maire d more often after that night at some point in the evening during dinner, but maybe it had to do with the fact that part of table hadn't received their main course as the opposite side of the table already was on dessert, not to mention they ran out of lobster tails also that night and our party was very upset. So thankful to have had Leonardo as our waiter after that horrible dinner experience which I must say made the rest of our time on board the ship while dinning so much better. He deserves to be recognized and Leonardo if you ever read this please go work for another cruise line that will appreciate you as much as we did! On a ship of 5k passengers the fact that you had to reserve a chair to view the one show an evening made things a bit annoying to say the least. And the only evening activity available after each show was at one lounge which did not have adequate seating. This is not our first New Years Cruise but it was definitely the most boring we have been on. We were in a group of 11 and even the children in our group did not want to go to the kids club because the activities were boring. The shows I can say got better as the days progressed so I give MSC credit for that. Our housekeeping attendant Ralph was great, thanks Ralph!!! The worst thing we experienced while on board was the following, while docked in Nassau, around 3:30-4:00 in the afternoon as everyone was coming back from the island only 1 buffet was open and as my husband was waiting in line for the turkey being carved they ran out and said NO MORE to a woman who asked about them bringing out more when 10-12 people were waiting in line for turkey. As their customers were coming back hungry they were cleaning the buffet and putting food away. My husband witnessed two customers pull the mashed potato pot away from a worker who was trying to put it away. The only thing available to eat was hamburgers and pizza and you can only imagine how long the lines were for those items as there we thousands of people coming onto the ship. I can't express my disappointment and anger for such a horrible experience. We work hard, save for our vacation to have a pleasant experience but sadly this was not.