Christine Crain
FireKeepers Casino FireKeepers Casino
Battle Creek, Michigan
"Christine Crain"
It was fun visiting the casino. However, the rewards card they have you sign up for is a joke. They say you get $10 for signing up and providing your email but what they don't tell you is that when you try to use it on a slot machine, which is all it's really good for, you have to stop out money in. So it's not really complimentary because you still have to pay to play. Once the money you put in is gone out ends your game even if it still shows you have money on the card. Also, the machines don't recognize the card so it takes several tries to get it to even work. The key pads on the machines to enter your pin for your "rewards" don't work properly so we all ended up getting locked out and had to make yet another trip to customer service. The best part of visiting the casino was the food and drinks. The staff was very friendly but like I said above the red hot rewards was a joke and not worth the headache. If you're going to get food or go to the gift shop is worth getting the rewards card because it saves you 10% bit trying to use it for games was not worth it because you end up spending the same amount of money. The money they say they "give" you is not accessible and is worthless because you still have to use your cash to use it.