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Jan 21 '19 at 21:27
Our first time at PY. They were just a few little things away from a full 5 stars. Our reservation was honored and we were seated right away. The waiter knew our last name and consistently referred to us as "Mr and Mrs ....." until we suggested he call us by our first names. This was a very considerate touch. We ordered cocktails--her a cosmo and me a Manhattan. They were good, not great. My Manhattan was too sweet--more vermouth and less bourbon. The cherries (griottines?) were great--thanks for not settling for maraschinos! The bread was very nice--thin, cheesy breadsticks and soft, delicious rolls (with "PY" baked in). But.... They took forever. Seriously. It was strange. Although it was a Saturday night, they weren't that busy. Our entrees were slow to come out, too. We shared an appetizer--the steak tartar. Delicious, with a hint of sour citrus. Very nice! The soups weren't particularly interesting to us and they didn't have a traditional Caesar salad (for a steak place?), so we skipped it and went to the entree. She had the 6 oz filet (cooked to perfection). I had the cowboy ribeye. It seemed a little medium on the edges, but the steak was actually cooked perfectly in the center. Take a lesson from Ruth's Chris and bring those steaks out on fiery hot plates, please. Our sides were truly on the side. We shared the mushrooms, prepared in a delicious sauce and on a bed of cooked onions. Really good. The other side was a potatoe au gratin dish. Baked, it was nice and cheesy on the surface, but lost that quality inside. It really should have been cheesy throughout. We selected a merlot from the Carneros region and it was delicious (and reasonably priced). Oh, and perfectly served, too. Our servers were professional, attentive, and spot-on (except for the weird delay at the beginning). We passed on dessert and after-dinner drinks. In the conversation, we happened to mention that we both had served in the military. When our check arrived, our waiter let us know that he applied a military discount! We made sure that showed up in his tip. We'll be back!