Restaurant @ Bellagio
"DJ Cenidoza"
" Paying for Quality" Palio may be catered more to the guests of the Bellagio as its not really located where many foot traffic happens. Located by the pool and the museum in Bellagio, this place is a gem. Decked with beautiful decor and even more beautiful view of the pool if you sit outside. This place is very pleasing to the eyes but what really matters is how they please your tastebuds. During my stay at the Bellagio I was able to try many pastries every morning. From croissants to the cream danish. Let me just say, all are delicious. Very flaky and flavorful. Im very particular to the danish so try that first. As for their drinks, I'm more of an espresso kinda guy and everyday that i go there it is always put me in the mood to get my day started. You won't regret stopping by this small gem.