Leroy Parris
Lucky Horseshoe Saloon & Steakhouse
"Leroy Parris"
On the 30th December a party of 4 of us visited this venue for a birthday celebration meal. We were seated on the outside of the dining area. The waitress who came to take our order were of an impeccable standard for which we were very satisfied with her service. Having placed an order from the menu our starters were not up to expectations. We ordered a bowl of salad garlic bread and drinks. The salad appeared as though it was a left over from a day or two before. While waiting for our main meals we had a couple bottles of our personal wines in the process. A woman who identified herself as the manageress drop a hint that we would be billed an extra $15.00 for opening our wines on the premises. She was very rude in explaining herself in this regard. So by this time now it was almost forty five minutes waiting for the main meal. As to her rudeness and lack of management intelligence we all decided to pay for the so called starters we had and leave the premises. I would dearly ask the head of management to properly trained they staff when ever they are dealing with the public. As for the manageress, a little respect and manners goes a long way. Thank you.. Leroy Parris.