Cheryl Davis
Mohawk Racetrack Mohawk Racetrack
Campbellville, Ontario
"Cheryl Davis"
Went on Saturday arrived at 5ish. Nowhere to park and wondered what was going on. Once inside there was a huge lineup at the counter. Proceeded to the casino and was horrified at the number of people in there. You could not move. There was this huge line that continued around the entire casino. Found out the line was to get a comforter for free. You couldn't find a machine, people were rude if you cut in between the line. I enjoying going to casino occasionally, but from what I understand this will be an ongoing thing every Friday/Saturday. Absolutely I will NOT be putting myself in that situation again. It was a huge night ruined. You would never catch me standing in a line like that for hours to get a free blanket. All you are attracting are people looking for handouts I get why you do it. They come to get a cheap $25 gift and you hope they drop money in the machines. Even if they lose $100, walk away with a are up $75. People will eventually get tired of the lines and not come...I'm tired of the lines and I don't even stand in it. Not liking the changes of Elements...get rid of the gift idea! You have ruin going to the casino for me. Wish I could give you a zero rating.