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Dec 8 '18 at 21:57

J.J. A.A.

Mohawk Racetrack

J.J. A.A.
It's a friendly place. Nice time to enjoy and probably make some money too But casino is not meant to earn your income there. It's to have some fun and you must be prepared to lose some money and maybe make mo e too. So play reasonably and responsibly. The staff are really nice. Very approachable except the outdoor parking security they are tough. You get lots of parking spaces. But due to the distance between the casino building and parking when it's full, I suggest if they can build during winter a covered passage connects the parking lot to the casino for those elderly people or disability. That will be great. It's really nice to receive gifts from time to time. They are sending free gift vouchers and due to Canada post strike I missed lots of these coupon. Why don't they send the coupon in the email instead. It saves them money too. The gift or free play vouchers or even extra ballots spins tickets are scattered and you must come to casino in almost every day to take advantage of all offers and gifts. I know the reason the casino wants to come often which is logic. But it's hard for everyone to come on almost daily basis especially those who lives far. Maybe if they combined offers in 3 days per week it will be great and helpful for many. Thanks Elements Casino