Michael Salvato
Costa Cruises - Costa Deliziosa
Hollywood, Florida
"Michael Salvato"
To Whom is may concern, How is it that a company today is conducting business with such a malfunctioning website? I have tried to book a cruise on the website and nothing works. I can see all of the details but that's all. I tried to request more information. And that page doesn't work because of very simply website setting. If you can't run a simple website page that has only the most basic data entry fields, how can you effectively run a cruise ship or a company? There are 2 simple errors that prevent me from leaving my contact info to book a cruise. I guess you really don't care to talk to me. The birth month selection only allows me to select the month word. The error says I need to enter a 2 digit numeric month. Then the country I select is not recognized. Please find someone more competent to set up your website. Let me know when you figure it out and maybe I will book a cruise.