lawrence garcia
The Reef Hotel Casino The Reef Hotel Casino
Cairns, Queensland
"lawrence garcia"
We had a great time at the Zoom zip line experience at the top of the hotel. The failure was to get there the elevators are located at the entrance to the casino where the hallway has a long water/bubble display in the wall. My youngest son saw this and wanted to look at it. The security guard yelled at him as he crossed into this hallway to a point that if frightened him. I picked him up and suggested to the security guard that my 7 year old was just amazed with the display and he just looking at it. He suggested to look from beyond the entrance to the hallway and we cannot be there. His manager or some other guard (a bald headed man) then moved up and told me to move back and if I did not I was going to "cost this bloke his job, mate". I then told them to please take a breath and relax. they told me that they could call the police for this and back up. I would suggest you never enter this hotel despite the enjoyment of Zoom. they are unfortunately, the collateral damage from an extremely rude casino group. What the casino group fails to understand is that we were there just 5 days earlier to go to Zoom and stopped to see the wall of bubbles in the same way we just got accosted for without even an eyelash raised by the guard at the time. A service industry dependent on customer traffic should be well aware that one incident like this is one too many.