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Nov 18 '18 at 21:14

Post Parade Restaurant

Michelle Goshien
UPDATE NOV 18, 2018: Undergoing huge remodeling project at their customers expense of course. Skip it for a while! Obviously Oaklawn hosts the horse races every year from January to April, but they also have a casino now, too. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes not so much BUT they seem to be a work in progress. They are CONSTANTLY adding new machines and changing things up. It seems like they are trying to listen to what their customers want, unlike some of their competitors in the surrounding states. Staff is always very friendly and the sweet tea is just fabulous in the Bistro. The Bistro also has great breakfast type food, among other things and it seems like a good deal, too. I’m not sure of the schedule, but a lot of times Oaklawn has live music that’s always really good & does a lot for the atmosphere while you’re playing. Just don’t go prepared to win and you may be surprised to come out ahead! There’s usually no happy medium as far as winning goes—either ya lose it all or win big. That’s been my experience anyway. Some of the win big days are pretty unbelievable—like it will have you questioning if you’re dealing with reality or dreaming LOL You would never think it possible to win 3 of the 4 jackpots on the Wonder 4 machines in less than an hour, but yeah, it’s possible here—if it’s possible for me then it is possible for anybody 😀🌈😀