Dr. Sarah Myer
Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral
Cape Canaveral, FL
"Dr. Sarah Myer"
Everything else would've been fine except I wish someone would've warned me about the rocking. We figured it's a dinner boat, not a full-size cruise ship, but this thing was flying up and down. No one on board could walk in a straight line. I got sick within 10 minutes of leaving the port and remained so until we docked. I would've paid $100 for them to let me off. Watching the horizon outside helps sea sickness, but so many people were sick, people were just standing, or sitting on the floor if they couldn't find a chair. It was also freezing that night, but almost everyone but the staff was sick. We didn't care how cold it was. Anything to stop puking. The food looked good, but I never got to try it. You couldn't pay me to go back on here. Just go to a casino and buffet where you can stay or leave whenever you want.