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Nov 17 '18 at 3:19

Canyon Ranch Grill

My spa experience at Canyon Ranch was nothing short of phenomenal, but my initial interaction with one particular staff member was shocking to the point of disgust. I had booked a full day of spa treatments at Canyon Ranch for me and three of my closest friends. Hungry, but fearful of being late, we grabbed a few things from Starbucks and headed upstairs. We signed in with 30 minutes to spare. Hoping for something more satisfying than a lukewarm croissant, we made a beeline straight for the Canyon Ranch Grill...where we had the displeasure of meeting Daniela A. As my friends were taking their seats, she walked over and barked, “You know we don’t serve Starbucks, right?” And before any of us could reply, she stomped away. I asked to see a copy of the menu and was ignored. At this point two of my friends walked away, completely insulted by her attitude. I stayed, and on my THIRD request I finally received a menu. Daniela left the area and a few minutes later, her manager appeared. I’m not sure what Daniela expressed in private, but her boss was working feverishly to smooth things over. The manager invited one of my friends to sit, but she politely declined. In response, Daniela began to SLAM empty plates on the counter and DEMANDED that she sit. She then started yelling across the room at my friends who had walked off, insisting that they come back and take a seat. She was loud and viscous, and this unrelenting aggression incited an argument. At this point other customers are beginning to stare, and my appetite is completely lost. Considering how incredibly kind every other employee had been, this savage display was not only surprising, but disturbing. She glared, sneered, ignored, screamed...every aspect of her character was vulgar and unwelcoming. To say that she was discourteous would be a gross understatement. Her behavior was brutish to the point of being obscene.