Mark Jones
Klondike Sunset Casino Klondike Sunset Casino
Henderson, Nevada
"Mark Jones"
THE MACHINES ARE SUPER DUPER TERRIBLE .. YOU LITERALLY CAN'T WIN HERE AT ALL ... You can go anywhere for decent food in this city stay away from the machines in this place they S U C K .. Hopefully sunset station and other casinos will force this one out of business the owner apparently doesn't care about the restaurant service that has been reported over and over again as being less then sub-par or loosening the machines because they are the tightest in Henderson by far ... So hopefully enough people take there money elsewhere and this place closes once again I will never step foot in this GREEDY hole again .. Don't be shocked if this casino either A. CLOSES AGAIN OR B. GETS SOLD TO ANOTHER CASINO OWNER (never very busy and horrible machines that NEVER PAY and when you have tight machines people tend to never come back for a second screwing) P.S This review is from someone that will **NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR IN YOUR CASINO**