June Jones
Five Star Tavern 56
Las Vegas, Nevada
"June Jones"
I normally love the pizza and the staff. I've ordered the cheese, sausage, artichoke, pepperoni, and white. The amount of toppings in the past were decent. Usually I would order my anchovy pizza light on the anchovies for the family. A week ago I ordered 3 pizzas; artichoke, cheese, and a half mushrooms/anchovy pizza to go for myself. When I opened the box I discovered a piece of anchovy on each slice. Disappointed, I called to complain, the worker apologized and quickly connected me to the manager. However, the woman who identified as the manager told me 4 slices 4 pieces of anchovy, and the cooks are instructed to put a piece on each slice only. She wasn't apologetic at all. In fact she was quite dismissive. I won't ever order an anchovy pizza from there again. Truly disappointed! šŸ˜”