Tracie Rinker
New York-New York Hotel & Casino New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tracie Rinker"
Arrived a day early to watch the super bowl. We had made reservations at one of the hotel/casino venues a week in advance. Got there on time, they had our reservation wrong at 8:00pm. All the restaurant manager had to say was “sorry, it was a new staff member who made the mistake” and no help from the hotel staff in finding us a place to watch it! Guest services felt so bad they sent us 2 bottles of beer, two small bags of chips and some chocolate with a note that read “ We apologize for the mishap. Please accept this on us and we really hope you were able to catch the game!” You fly in from out of state specifically to enjoy the game and your compensation for their mistake is 2 bottles of Budweiser with “hope you were able to see the game anyway”. That evening, a security guard knocks on our door, announces themselves as security, interrupting our evening only for me to find no one there once I’m dressed to open the door. A call the the front desk revealed the guard said our door was ajar and they were checking to see if anyone was home. I had to suggest to the front desk that common courtesy would dictate the guard wait for me to answer the door to explain themselves rather than leave me wondering what was going on. This was day 1 of our 4 day stay. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our stay has in store for us!