Ricardo Muñoz Gonzalez
New York-New York Hotel & Casino New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Ricardo Muñoz Gonzalez"
I was in this hotel from Jan 26 to Jan 28, the day of my check out I had a really bad experience that not even in the cheapest hotel I had been happened to me before. The check out was at 11 am and I woke up early at 7 am. I called to the front desk and they confirmed the time of the check out. I went down to a restaurant to have my breakfast. At 9:30 I went back to the room to take a shower and get ready for my check out but I got in shock when I found the cleaning lady already cleaning my room. When I asked for my personal belongings she told me that her supervisor thought I was already out and she took my belongings downstairs thinking that I left them. I was so freaking mad, because when I went down to the lobby, they wanted me to show ID to prove that I was the owner of my stuff. The front desk supervisor gave me supposedly a credit of 109.31 but my big surprise again was that the credit was only for $42 dollars. My name is Ricardo Munoz and I had the room# 3060. My experience was bad, really bad with this hotel.