Alohilani Talanoa
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
Lower Brule, South Dakota
"Alohilani Talanoa"
The casino seemed to be in disrepair; attractions, store, and restaurants were closed. Not sure when or if they'll reopen. Smokey stinky atmosphere. We had to trudge through it to get to non-smoking only too discover all these places were closed up. Why not make the first areas in a casino the non- smoking areas so that non-smokers and families don't have to trudge through nasty air just to get to a place Safe for breathing and families? We stopped through to rest and eat but only a Denny's was open. Ended up leaving to go to another place to find food without a smokey atmosphere. Upgrade your air infiltration. I hope this place gets those closed areas and attractions up and running again. It used to be a nice stop on the way to and from Vegas.