Wayne Masters
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"Wayne Masters"
Speaking strictly about Penn National's properties in Pennsylvania, they are among the most poorly run, disorganised, awful patron promotion structure, the "tightest" slot machines in any casino in the US and Canada... I truly wish this multi-billion dollar organisation would address these problems. Slot and table revenue are down across the Commonwealth several years in a row... One might think that operators would demand that Harrisburg reduce the criminal 60% Gaming Revenue Tax so that patrons actually have a chance of winning something. Note that PA is the ONLY State where it's casinos bar National progressive jacpojac like IGT's Megabucks, etc. The simple answer is the the State takes so much from the operators that jackpots like this are impossible to payout without creating a financial hardship. It's high time for operators to demand skimming he till Harrisburg politicians sit down and reduce the GRT by 50%, make gaming competitive and fun for patrons. Without patrons, there is no gaming industry, it's as simple as that. Again, the operators need to band together and FIGHT Harrisburg politicians living high on the hog from casino profits!