Circy Wilson
St. Jo Frontier Casino St. Jo Frontier Casino
Saint Joseph, Missouri
"Circy Wilson"
Just kinda seems like I never win here on Keno like I did in Vegas... =( I'll keep trying sometimes it takes a while ;) ... Update 8-16-18 It happened I actually hit a 7 (bet 10 cent) spot on multi card and the proceeded to hit not only the same 7 numbers on the same machine but 2 more on the same hit (bet 5 cent on each) I cashed out for right about 1300 and because of it being 2 different hits no taxes. Happened right before I left the next day for Vacation. So thank you ,and it is possible to win jackpots just gotta keep in mind 7 spots are roughly 1-6000 chance lol. So I will be back for sure I have also hit a few other 7 spots, like 2 in the last month on bet 5 cent just didn't hit multiple with my overlapping play style. Roughly 335 a 7 spot on nickle bets. I didn't edit until now because I was in 100+ when I hit those... Update...