Georgia Michailidou
The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Crockfords on the Nile The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Crockfords on the Nile
"Georgia Michailidou"
The location is very good but I wouldn't say this hotel compares favourably to other Ritz Carlton hotels. There is no heating in the rooms and the general facilities are standard but way below what the day rate suggests. We were also quite unhappy with the staff. The hotel offers guides and transportation to Giza and we went with the -way beyond standard- rate ($160) for a half day tour, thinking the hotel has some quality check for the services it provides. Not at all. We were waiting for 45' in the lobby. The staff didn't seem alerted, they did say sorry but they didn't bother with anything else (as if this is something that happens often there - I mean, come on, they could offer some tea or water just to show that they were sorry). The same night, at the restaurant, in the middle of our dinner, the waiter insisted to take away the mushroom heater from our table because some other table in the back could not see the TV screen (the heater was there before our arrival and was shared between 2 tables that really needed the heater to stay). Cairo is amazing but this hotel was too expensive to be so unpleasant.