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Oct 25 '18 at 15:44

Cedars at Dungeness

Monica Brown
Truly need major training on their customer service. Starts with management! Visited many times and each visit we've been disappointed, Staff has been unfriendly, did not greet us BUT did NOTICE they made a effort with regular customers, which was extremely obvious of poor service. Did not assist when I had a friend that was needing help due to a broken leg and opening the front door. The person behind the podium just watched, did not even attempt to move or help. They seem to be in another world. Spaced out. Another visit no smiles or greeting. Other visit We've waited long periods for initial service, food and bill. It's a nice building, the food is good breakfast has been better than any lunch or dinner. They Would truly benefit to up their game on the customer service it would make for an overall pleasant experience. Training everyone to treat ALL customers in a friendly, helpful and polite manner. Make sure that every customer is treated the same as your favorite customer! If you're in the service industry you should provide excellent customer service.