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Feb 10 '19 at 7:42


I lived in Lake Charles for 13 years and nothing is worse than thinking you're rich and privileged living in Lake Charles. Dining at La Truffe Sauvage does not make you rich and privileged. As a matter of fact, I now live on the West Coadt and realize how impoverished the "wealthy" class of Lake Charles really are, how much they reach, and how they socially dine at restaurants like this to broadcast social status. It is quite appalling for me to now dine at "elegant" restaurants like this and eat with the "upper crust" of a small working class town of buffoons now that I'm on the other side. Good luck, Lake Charles upper crust posers. Keep on eating your USDA choice cuts of meat, driving your big trucks, living next to your trashy neighbors, and believing that life doesn't get any better than dining at La Truffe Sauvage.