Beauty & Essex Beauty & Essex
Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
"Jamie Stockman"
Gluten free done well, really really well. I went there is a group of 6 and we basically told them to chose the most popular dishes and keep them coming.  Everything from bone marrow to oysters ensued and all were eaten happily.  I let our server know that I had to be gluten free and she expertly told me what I could and could not have and brought my own substitutions where needed.  For instance, to replace bread for spreading the bone marrow on, they made be herbs & rice fried in the shape of bread fingers and brought those out hot and fresh.  Impressive.  I've never had anyone make those as a substitute for bread before and they were perfect.  Bar set & nicely done. Be fair warned, this place is loud.  It's front room is a pawn shop and then you enter into a dark loud speak-easy... and yes, it's actually perfect.  Not quiet by a long shot, but loud and perfect and the food won't let you down.