Grand Northern Grill Grand Northern Grill
Restaurant @ Grand Casino Mille Lacs
"Laura Geiser"
In the time I've been going to the Grand casino (last 10 years or so) we've had some interesting experiences here. One night the fire alarms were going off for like half an hour and no one really seemed bothered by it. Or one night their computer system was down and we couldn't get a room that wasn't already occupied (that night was messed up, we went to 4 or 5 different rooms just to find people or their bags already in the room). Management gave us a tiny little food processor for our troubles (must have been the free giveaway that day). Last night (a Monday) we thought we'd try and get a room since we are players club members and have comp rooms available any day of the week except Friday. My boyfriend was told that yes he did have comp rooms on his account and they had rooms available but they weren't accepting any coupons at this time. What? Why? We would've spent a lot more money there if I had been able to gamble. I had to stay with my son since they couldn't give us a room, and there's no kids quest anymore. The arcade was awful last night too, there's about 6 working games in the whole place, normally I'd spend more money there as well. I included a picture of the completely valid coupon we were not able to use, wish someone could give me a real explanation on this issue.