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Jan 19 '19 at 23:28
As soon as I saw the inside of the hotel, I was excited to check out the room. We got there pretty early but they let us check-in at 12 which was really nice. The room was cute and it looked new but it wasn't the cleanest. It was REALLY dusty. You could visibly see the dust everywhere. My nose hurt from the dust which didn't let me sleep comfortably and on top of that, the heater didn't warm up the room WHATSOEVER. We had to ask for a mini heater and an extra blanket (which was STAINED!!) The bathtub was pretty dirty too. There was a dirty towel left from the guest who stayed in the room before us and black spots in the tub. Didn't spend much time in the room anyways but it was still upsetting to pay to stay in a dusty, stained room.